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Our Facility

Our facility is designed to suit the needs of our elderly with easy access to all the amenities. The high ceiling and large windows brings the needed light to the entertainment room and dining area giving open area feeling. 


Please take a moment to view the virtual tour of our facility:

You can use the following QR code to view and save the virtual tour of the facility on your smart phone.

Double Occupancy


Roomy double bed, well lit for couples or close friends.

Single Occupancy


Roomy well lit single bed for more privacy.

Living Room


A cozy and warm living room to relax, read or socialize.

Dining Aarea


A well lit dining area with sky-light, vibrant coloring and nice view to patio.



A cozy and quite patio furnished with comfortable furniture and BBQ.

The main Building


A welcoming enterance to main building with parking space to drop-off and pick-up.

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