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About Us

In the mid 1990's, a number of Iranian- American philanthropists recognized that the aging Iranian-American population, and their families, will soon face the dilemma of finding the best living environment for their golden ages. Independent living, or living with loved ones, may not be practical or even possible for many of our elders. Moreover, many of the existing conventional assisted living facilities simply cannot cater to many of the special needs of individuals, regardless of the standards of their offerings.  For the aging Iranian American population, culturally competent elderly care is a necessity, yet the infrastructure to support that goal simply does not exist.    

A number of philanthropists saw that the required real estate and subsequent improvements had to be donated by themselves and so they selected a California 501(c)(3) non-profit organization to lead their efforts. After a great deal of research, the Foundation's Board of Directors found a property in Santa Clara County that met the required criteria. The property, which was an existing assisted living center in need of major renovations, was purchased in May 2009. Renovations began immediately, and thanks to the assistance and cooperation of many committed Iranian American professionals and philanthropists, the work was completed in early 2011.  

After earning all the required City and State licensees, the birth of the Noor Active Living Center (NALC), an elderly facility of the highest standards specifically geared towards the needs of our community, was official. And because the facility was created with no commercial investment, Noor can focus 100% on the care and operating costs of the facility, giving it the ability to offer high quality care at the most competitive fee arrangement in the industry.

Our Philosophy


As the years accumulate in ways dimly grasped by youth, our lives, health, and spirit arcs and ages along its own human path.  Yet however unique our journey may be, each of us still holds the embedded cultural history and values from the land on which we were born and from the traditions that have long shaped our views.
Independent living in our golden years, whether defined as maintaining our own household or residing with family, remains an ideal for all of us.  However, as an ideal, this is not always practical or possible. Sometimes help is welcomed.

This center is developed, and administered by professional caring Iranian-Americans.
Noor provides the familiar environment of language, culture, and cuisine designed for its residents to feel right at home. 

Its healthy, alternative, active lifestyle living serves both the body and spirit. Imagine the peace of mind knowing that your loved ones are at home.

In a nutshell, our philosophy is to create a homey, vibrant and caring environment for our elderly in our community whom we know have difficulties finding friends or adopt themselves to elderly lifestyle. Those who are left alone due to busy schedule and life style of their loved ones. 

Our Commitment


Our commitment to you is to provide the caring and friendly environment for you to have the quality of life you deserve in your golden ages.
A worry free home away from home, where you have the opportunity to get back to the roots and culture you have been grown up in. 
A place, where you can find new friends, participate in healthy activities and at the same time to get care you deserve. 

Our Mission


To ensure the highest quality active life-style for all residents and to warmly respect and champion the sacred value and dignity of human life.

To celebrate life with the conviction that happy and healthy life begins at home.

Our Core Value


We understand that our residents trust us to provide them comfort, stimulation, and joy during their golden years. We are passionate about earning and maintaining this trust. Your happiness and safety are our commitment.

Our Principles of Service


Preserving Dignity, Respect and Trust: The Noor Active Living Center values the life experience of every resident and gives each the respect they deserve to earn their trust and affection.


Encouraging Independence: The Noor Active Living Center encourages a resident’s desire for self-reliance in whatever ways are possible and safe.


Enabling freedom of choice: The Noor Active Living Center empowers residents to live as they choose by offering intriguing and exciting activity options and services.


Celebrating Individuality: The Noor active Living Center recognizes that every one of our residents is unique, with different priorities and sources of joy. We are passionate about providing the best care and daily experience tailored for each individual.


Nurturing the spirit: The Noor Active Living center cares for the whole person: mind, body and spirit.


Involving Family and friends: The Noor Active Living Center will always welcome family and friends.



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